The positive points of Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard

The Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard is yet another great skateboard from the manufacturer. Anyone looking to buy a decent skateboard can give it a try to this skateboard. This skateboard has a dimension of 22.5 inches x 6.0 inches x 4.3 inches. The weight of the product is approximately 4 pounds. This review deals with the positive points of this skateboard.


Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard Review

The deck of this skateboard has dimensions of 22.5 inches x 6 inches. The deck is made of custom-molded polypropylene. Also, the deck has a high impact or flex. This Kryptonics skateboard has ABEC 5 speed bearings. The pattern of the grip is that of the checkerboard. The trucks of the skateboard are a retro cruiser and polished. The trucks measure 3.25 inches. It also has 90a bushings. The skateboard does not contain a battery.

The dimensions of the wheels are 62 mm x 51 mm, 83a. The wheels are smooth gliding poured urethane. The skateboard has a PU cast with dimensions of 62 mm x 51 mm. These wheels help to provide the smoothest possible ride.

Age requirements

The minimum age requirement for riding this skateboard is 5 years. However, it is recommended that only kids aged 8 years or older ride the Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete. There is no such maximum age limit for using this skateboard. Any young person can ride this skateboard.

Great skateboard for everyone

This particular skateboard is good for any type of skater. If you are a beginner in skating, you would particularly like this skateboard. A good thing about the skateboard is that it does not wiggle. So, it does not feel flimsy. Any type of skater wants a smooth ride. The Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete provides exactly that. The smooth wheels are good enough for driving smoothly on any street, driveway, or bowl. If you are an experienced skater and like performing tricks, you should note that this skateboard is not meant for tricks like flip or pipe tricks.

Visually attractive

Another great thing about this skateboard is that it looks visually very appealing. If you love bright colors, you would like this product because it is designed with bright colors. The sparkles on the deck make it look even better. Anyone looking for a good-looking skateboard that performs well can certainly go for Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete. Most of the buyers of this product have been satisfied with it and have given it positive reviews.

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