The pros and cons of Kryptonics mini wings cruiser complete skateboard

The Kryptonics Mini Wings Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Red, 26 x 7 Inch is yet another product from this particular manufacturer which is very popular nowadays. This particular product features a 10ply maple deck which has dimensions of 26 inch x 7 inch. The shape is that of a fat mini cruiser.

The dimensions of the product are 26.2 x 7.6 x 4.7 inches. Its weight is approximately 4.6 pounds. This skateboard features a retro aluminum truck that is 4 inches long. In addition to that, it has riser pads that are 4mm in length each. The skateboard also features big and rounded edges along with a slight concave. A small kicktail also comes with the skateboard.

Attractive looks

Kryptonics Mini Wings Cruiser Complete Skateboard Red 26 Inch Review

The edges of the Kryptonics Mini Wings Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Red, 26 x 7-Inch are well painted and fully dipped. This makes the skateboard look really attractive. A clear sand spray grip tape also adds to the great appearance of the skateboard. The top graphics makes the board look visually very appealing. So, if you want to buy a skateboard that looks really good, you can consider buying this particular skateboard.

Fast and easy to handle

This particular skateboard is really fast. People who love riding fast will certainly love this product. Along with the speed, the handling of this skateboard is equally good. The handling is smooth, so you do not have to face any hassle while you ride the skateboard. The easy maneuverability is probably the best thing about the skateboard.

Good for kids

This skateboard is particularly good for kids. The size and handling are the best suited if the young child is just starting to learn how to skate. In particular, the kids below the age of 12 would love this board. Almost all the customers of Kryptonics Mini Wings Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Red, 26 x 7-Inch, who have bought it for their young kids, are very much satisfied with the product. So, if you are looking to buy a skateboard for your kid, you can certainly consider buying this particular product.


With so many skateboards available in the market nowadays, choosing the best can be difficult. All the pros of this product have been discussed in the review. When talking of cons of Kryptonics Mini Wings Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Red, 26 x 7-Inch stiffness is certainly one of them. Some users have found out that turning using the skateboard is a bit stiff. However, it can easily be adjusted. Another con is that the grip starts coming off in wet conditions.

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