The Kryptonics Torpedo skateboard comes in a variety of sizes, colors and at different prices and so it can be difficult to know which board best meets your requirements. With Kryptonics Torpedo complete skateboards costing between $30 and $140 it is important to know the difference between the two ends of the price range and why (and when) you should pay more for your board.

Our top list of best Kryptonics Torpedo skateboards

To make things easier for you, we have created our top list of best Kryptonics Torpedo skateboards and placed it right here on the homepage.

Kryptonics Mini Wings Cruiser Complete Skateboard ReviewKryptonics Mini Wings Cruiser Complete Skateboard26-Inch x 7-Inch10 Ply maple deck
Kryptonics Complete Longboard ReviewKryptonics Complete Longboards34-Inch x 9-Inch8 Ply NE maple deck
Kryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard ReviewKryptonics Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard22.5-Inch x 6-InchCustom molded polypropylene deck
Kryptonics Complete Cruiser Skateboard ReviewKryptonics Complete Cruiser Skateboards23-Inch x 7.75-Inch 7 Ply NE maple deck
Kryptonics Krypstik Retro Complete Skateboard ReviewKryptonics Krypstik Retro Complete Skateboard, 29.75 x 10-Inch30-Inch x 10-Inch White full dipped deck

How to choose the best Skateboard

The first consideration is size with the Kryptonics Torpedo coming in 22.5 inches and 28 inches versions. The most obvious starting point in making this decision is what is going to be comfortable for you along with any personal preference. The second consideration is what you are going to be using your new skateboard for as smaller boards are usually used for street boarding and by those who wish to have more versatility. For those looking for a little more speed, the longer versions provide more stability to support you.

The second consideration is the price and with Skateboards in general you do get what you pay for and so if you are going to be using your Skateboard a lot then it is probably worthwhile investing a little more money from the start. You may consider the cheaper Kryptonics Original if you are just starting out and are unsure as to whether skateboarding is for you or for younger children who may outgrow the smaller board either in terms of size or design. However, the 28 inches Torpedo is more robust and will last a long time if it is looked after, and with very little weight difference between the two, the weight is really not a consideration.

The third consideration is the design and it is important to say one thing here. Some people will start their selection process with the design of a skateboard. This is sometimes unwise as the board that comes in your ideal design may not be ideal for your usage. The second consideration is that the 28 inch Kryptonics Torpedo tends to come in plain colors and so if a distinctive design is what you are looking for this could be a deciding factor between the two boards featured.

Your choices of Skateboard

Kryptonics Yellow Hawaiian Original Torpedo Complete Skateboard 22.5 x 6-Inch ReviewThe Kryptonics Torpedo Original Classic is the shorter of the two boards and features 22.5 inches by 6 inches polypropylene deck that provides flexibility and strength for the rider. With 62mm x 51mm wheels adding some stability to the skateboard this is a good quality board at a reasonable price. Ideal for children to play on due to both the price (retailing at around $30) and size this board is also light at only 4 pounds.

The Kryptonics Torpedo Original Classic also comes in a wide variety of colors and styles including sunrise/purple, Hawaiian yellow and blue, and plain colors including yellow and light blue. All of the boards are made out of the same materials but more elaborate designs are usually slightly more expensive.

You will find some great reviews of the Kryptonics Torpedo classic boards most stating that it is a great board for the speed and ideal for kids. This is not to say that adults should overlook or dismiss the board although there are some designs you may wish to steer clear of possibly. This versatile skateboard is not specifically designed for children it is just a good size and retails at a reasonable price.

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28 Inch Kryptonics Torpedo Board ReviewThe Kryptonics 28 inch board is really an enhanced version of the Original classic and retails at around the $100 to $130 mark depending on your requirements. It comes in a selection of colors including magenta, translucent yellow, light blue, and purple. The 28 inches boards provide more stability allowing riders to achieve higher speeds and only weight approximately half a pound more than their 22.5 inches counterparts. It features 4 inches heavy-duty aluminum trucks and 12mm angled riser pads along with high-quality sealed grease bearings to ensure there is plenty of support when riding on uneven surfaces.

Whichever board you choose the Kryptonics Torpedo will provide you (or your children) with endless hours of entertainment (and exercise) at a low cost. The variety of board designs available makes choosing your board fun in itself.